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Composidie Inc. - Metal Stamping, Etching, Plating, Machining, Grinding
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Composidie started building progressive carbide stamping dies in 1971. Today we are a world-class contract manufacturer offering high-speed metal stamping, carbide dies, forming & metal stamping tools, grinding, wire/EDM, reel-to-reel etching and plating, in-die assembly, prototyping, carbide die parts and custom engineering. Vertical integration lets us shorten the supply chain, eliminating hassles in the contract manufacturing process by offering complete contract manufacturing services. Our fleet of Bruderer presses opens virtually endless metal stamping possibilities. With reel and loose-piece metal stamping capabilities, we are the right fit for any job. We have 80 presses to meet your metal stamping needs. Each of our high-speed metal stamping facilities can utilize cost-effective dies for short-run projects or high-speed carbide dies designed for high-volume production.

The toolmakers and grinders at our EDM machining/grinding facilities average 20+ years of experience. We maintain 100+ grinders (surface and jig) and 30+ EDM machines (wire, CNC & conventional). In metal stamping, machining & grinding, we work with materials such as carbide, stainless steel, tool-grade steel, nickel, aluminum, ceramics, titanium, inconel, copper, bronze, brass, magnesium and precious metals.

Composidie also supports your metal plating and etching requirements. Etching is a low-cost alternative to metal stamping utilized for prototyping and short-run production. Our connector and leadframe metal plating facilities offer 11 continuous metal plating lines with selective capabilities including selective stripe plating, selective spot plating, selective brush plating and selective depth.



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